Applying to US Universities


Successfully applying to the world's top universities does now require professional guidance. Daniel, Anthony, and their team of college advisors have incredible experience in helping students gain admission to the world's leading universities. Admission to the most prestigious institutions is extraordinarily competitive, with acceptance rates under 10%, making expert and tailored guidance infinately valuable.

At least 16 of the world’s top 20 universities are located in the US. Beyond this leading group are hundreds of exceptional American universities and colleges. The liberal-arts approach to education allows students to continue exploring a variety of interests well into their undergraduate careers and is attractive to overseas and American students alike. The campuses themselves are impressive, spacious, resource-rich and inspiring places. They warmly welcome an academic elite to their unique college communities.

Anthony, the former director of the Fulbright Commission, is one of the world's leading experts in higher education and co-author or Uni in the USA and Uni in the USA and Beyond (2011), published by the Good Schools Guide. Daniel is widely acclaimed as one of the most talented teachers of his generation, inspiring sutdents with his international outlook and founding an information service on higher education. Together with the Nemecek Bonas MacFarlane team, they support numerous candidates every year in gaining access to world-class opportunities at the top US and UK univerisities. 


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